Russian Style Kettlebell Training: The Best Way to Get Fit for Almost Everybody

One simple tool that changed the way I train forever.

Cameron Warren


I’m constantly in search of the 20% of the work that will get me 80% of the results. So it’s no surprise that my fitness journey has taken me through every program, routine, and methodology on the planet in search of the most efficient and effective training methods.

I’ve completed dozens of training programs from modalities such as bodybuilding, CrossFit, field sports training, Powerlifting, and everything in between.

Many of these programs have gotten me quite fit, but always at the expense of some aspect of my overall fitness goals.

Bodybuilding helped me put on muscle but hurt my mobility, leading to shoulder pain that nags at me most upper body workouts.

CrossFit-style training from Gym Jones and Bobby Maximus was a boon for my endurance, but left me with a hip injury and constantly feeling sapped of energy.

Powerlifting style training (like Jim Wendler 5–3–1) helped increase my strength but hurt my cardiovascular fitness and has a high-risk factor for injury.

About 80% of people who train with weights train using one of the modalities that I just listed. That same 80 % all pretty much have the same goals: Build muscle, and lose fat. Or in other words, look good naked.

I’ll add one other goal that is rarely talked about, but I can guarantee is a high priority — look good naked, without getting injured. If you train hard in any of these modalities, and I mean hard enough to make any actual progress, getting injured is somewhat of an inevitability. The hard truth is, most people just aren’t going to take the time to get in a 1 to 1.5-hour weight or Crossfit workout and take 20 to 30 minutes for mobility work — much less dedicate an entire day to mobility. And without mobility work (and even with), the question of getting injured is when not if.

So then, if our goal is to look good naked without getting hurt, what are our options?

Cardio alone isn’t going to cut it. Running, biking and rowing are great calorie burners and cardiovascular endurance builders — and will help you lose weight if your diet is in check, but they won’t get you looking “lean.” You need to be able to put on at least some muscle to get a lean, athletic look (unless you…



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