Analytics is more about decision-making than data.

A few years go I did an analytics consulting project for a marketing team at a large technology company. My team and I did a data integration that stitched their marketing platform data with Salesforce. This allowed his team to tie out marketing campaigns and content to closed sales and opportunity pipeline.

The client was very impressed and wanted us to fly out to the company HQ and deliver a presentation on what we had built to his SVP.

We arrived and presented the tool. About halfway through, we started digging into some of the sales numbers. The client had…

How companies and individuals should assess the value of a Liberal Arts background.

Of the 44 million Americans who have student debt, I’m in the elite.

I’m part of a special 6% that, according to the Brookings Institute, account for a third of the $1.7 trillion that American borrowers owe back to their government.

And it is crushing.

My 6.7% interest rate doesn’t get adjusted and can’t be refinanced unless I want to move to a private lender. I pay on an Income-Based-Repayment plan at around $800 a month that essentially covers the interest. …

One simple tool that changed the way I train forever.

I’m constantly in search of the 20% of the work that will get me 80% of the results. So it’s no surprise that my fitness journey has taken me through every program, routine, and methodology on the planet in search of the most efficient and effective training methods.

I’ve completed dozens of training programs from modalities such as bodybuilding, CrossFit, field sports training, Powerlifting, and everything in between.

Many of these programs have gotten me quite fit, but always at the expense of some aspect of my overall fitness goals.

Bodybuilding helped me put on muscle but hurt my mobility…

Breaking into a technology Profession with a degree in Latin American studies.

We like to pretend that we want something new and different, but when it comes down to it, society values “sameness.”

After eight years in the analytics industry, I’ve learned that being the same is more valuable than being different. Technology jobs are a club where only the credentialed look-a-likes get an invite.

Despite this, I was able to navigate a technology career in a coveted field, with zero academic credentials to my name outside of a few Coursera certifications and a couple of college courses.

All Over The Place

During college, I spent exactly zero time or effort to find a career in…

Simple rules for anyone who gets asked: How well did it work?

Whether your job involves analytics or not, everyone gets asked to measure performance.

Photo by Lukas from Pexels

How well did it work?

This is the question that every leader wants to know — and the one that causes us the most anxiety. Fortunately, there are some simple rules that can help you out:

  1. Measurement isn’t analysis. Your goal is to answer one question: Did it work? Analysis happens later.
  2. Measuring performance requires a standard to measure against. Without a goal or a target, you’re not measuring, you’re just telling what something did.
  3. Too many KPIs mean you don’t know how to define success, which…

Data doesn’t tell you if anyone will buy your product.

Amazon and Google are the inequitable kings of data.

They know more about us than anyone and use that knowledge to sell us products and pummel us with ads. Many think of Amazon as the retail giant, but they’re quickly becoming as big of an ad machine as Google, pulling in ad revenue of around $10 Billion in 2020 with expectations to quadruple that by 2023.

The recent Netflix Documentary, The Social Dilemma, revealed the lengths to which tech companies go to get us to click. The quote is overused but bears repeating, “The best minds of my generation are…

Do the 20% of work that gives 80% of the results.

I don’t have any real skills.

I don’t know how to start a business, build a product, build software, construct or fix things with my hands, or do anything that contributes real value to the fabric of the economy.

I’m only good at one thing: I know how to get things done at work. You’ve got a problem? I can figure out how to solve it.

If I don’t know how to do something, I’ll teach myself the minimum set of skills necessary to deliver the 20% of work that delivers 80% of the results. …

4 steps that anyone, from any background can follow.

The number one question I get asked by people in my network is how to get a job in Data Science or Analytics without a formal technical background.

Like it or not, when it comes to applications and interviews, STEM education weighs heavily in your favor when trying to get a job in the Data Science industry. Both recruiters and hiring managers are biased to individuals that have technical college degrees — and why wouldn't they be? We’ve all been trained to believe that there is one path to get the job we want — go to college, study that…

Digital Marketing is the most data-rich field in all of Business, and also has the most pitfalls.

Perhaps more than any other field, marketing, especially digital marketing, revolves almost entirely around data. This makes it a rich and rewarding business to support as an analyst or a data scientist, as the volume and utility of data can be incredibly high, increasing the need and the scope of potential projects for the analytics professional.

Marketing data has some important pitfalls, however, that can de-rail Marketing analytics programs:

  • Marketing data is siloed across numerous sources from ad platform, social, and click-stream data to CRM and CDP data.
  • Integrating click-stream and marketing data is challenging without a cohesive tagging and…

The great work-from-home experiment has accelerated work-place culture by several years.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has made unprecedented changes to the way we work. Companies and teams who would never have even considered letting their employees work at home were forced into submission by a virus they had no control over. Managers had to figure out how to manage their teams digitally, and employees had to figure out how to work from their kitchens.

While there were growing pains with this change, most teams have figured out that working from home isn’t that big of a deal. Suddenly, everyone figured out that there are all these great tools for communicating online —…

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